Are You Bold Enough To Wear Jade?

I have been on the fence about buying another lip product and eye shadow palette. I mean, how many lipsticks and eye shadows does one really need?  That came and left my mind just as quickly when I saw these beauties. I immediately fell in love with the shade range of the Queen of Heart palette and the Jade liquid lipstick.

First the palette:

Made in the USA, this Queen of Heart palette is filled with 6 mattes and 6 shimmer shades. The mattes are great transitional colors for all skin tones. There are some light to dark browns as well as some pinkish shades. The shimmers on the other hand are intense! They are super pigmented, vibrant and soft. Perfect for that pop of color.  This is the palette that has it all. Perfect for travel and the case is super luxurious. 

For comparison, I went ahead and swatched this on two different skin tones (fair and deep).  

The Jade liquid lipstick:

I must say, this was love at first sight. From all the lipsticks I own, this has to be one of my favorite. It is not for the faint of heart. It is in your face bold and I love every moment of it. My initial reaction as I applied this was seeing how smooth and evenly this product distributes on the lips. With one swipe, I was able to cover the entire lip. I went ahead and applied a second layer just to intensify it some more. It is absolutely beautiful and I received so many compliments. Definitely, one of my favorite purchase of 2017 thus far.

Unfortunately, this palette is sold out on the Coloured Raine website but the lipstick is still available. Hopefully, we will see more of this beauty in the near future.

**Thanks to my wonderful friends for swatching for me :)**