Give Me Some Lips Baby!

Imagine meeting your date for a romantic dinner. Dolled up, hair done, the right scent of perfume and a Red Bold Lip! This simple, yet powerful statement can and will make you the center of attention.

Now, of course is a matter of preference and which shades works best for your skin tone. But if I were to name them all, I would be here all day so, I narrowed them down to my top three (true reds and burgundy reds.)

True Reds- provides a sense of flirtiness and makes your smile appear even brighter. Mood: Sexy and Seductive. Perfect if paired with a cork lip liner from Mac.

Merlot by Dose of Color 

Rubi Woo by Mac Cosmetic

 Kiss of Fire by Dose of Color

Burgundy Reds - provides a sense of mystery and excitement. Mood: Bold and Bad. Perfect if paired with Currant from Mac.

Vampira by Kat Von D

Ellarie by Colourpop

Video Vixen by Wet and Wild

This Valentine's Day, make your own entrance and rock your best Red Lip.