My Dubai Adventure on a $250 Glitch Deal

In 2015, it seems that everyone took a trip to the UAE including me on a glitch deal of a lifetime.

 On December 25th, 2014 while browsing through Travel Noire's Instagram page, I came across deal from NYC to Abu Dhabi for as low as $187 on Ethihad Airline ... I could not believe what I just read. In a rush, I quickly called a few of my friends to test out this "deal". This was by far the best Christmas gift I have ever given myself.

My total including taxes for the timeframe I wanted to leave (09/15/15 - 09/22/15) was $250 roundtrip. Fourteen of us decided to joined forces and partake in the travel opportunity of a lifetime.

We landed in Adu Dhadi, headed straight to Dubai for 4 days. There, we managed to do everything including renting a yatch for a few hours.

2015-09-19 22.47.50.jpg

Drove around on ATVs on the desert sands.


Got real close and comfortable with the Falcon. Dubai's national bird.